Advertising In Todays World Essay Competition

Advertisements are of great importance for any business activity as it attracts people to use the particular service. Most of the businessmen are using various different means of communication to reach people around the world and turn them into leads that can be further turned into potent customers. There are various ways of putting up an advertisement as per the audience to be addressed. Most people use to look for these advertisements very carefully observing carefully the specifications and efficiency of the featured product. However, it’s impossible for someone to get the reality check through these advertisements, so in order to get clearer idea about a particular service one must go for people’s feedback about a particular product or service and these feedbacks must also be genuine as some of them maybe done for fake publicity.

Newspapers and magazines are used for advertisements to address a particular group of people. The product and services which are promoted there must be attractive enough to grasp the attention of a reader and the chances of a person using it increase eventually. Apart from newspapers and magazine, television and radio serve as a great medium to promote something over a group of people. They have a deeper impact on people as compared to newspaper and magazine and hence are more costly. Businessmen even use celebrities to appear in their advertisement so that people consider it as a fashion trend.

One important and widely used advertising media across the globe is internet. People use internet to get idea about various useful things in daily life. So, it turns out to be a great place for advertisement and also it can address the population around the world at once. Many people think of it as the best and the most affordable type of advertising media. But many important factors are to be kept in mind while using them to serve as a promotional advertisement.

For instance a website that is particularly used to search for people you want to communicate with in real life.
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Advertising and Its Impact on Children Essays

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Advertising has had a powerful impact on today’s children. From songs, to logos,

to characters, advertisers keep in mind their audiences. Competition is the force which

causes advertisers to target children. Children are targeted through the catch phrases,

animated characters, and toys in these competitive advertisements.

     The textbook used in class (Huffman, 2002) describes that “advertising has numerous”

methods to hook the individual into “buying their products and services.” The advertising

company surrounds a particular candidate such as a child and immediately sinks their teeth into

the child’s mind to manipulate the child into desiring their products. Through TV, cartoons and

magazine…show more content…


between companies with similar products, is the reason catch phrases are used. If one

company can create a catch phrase that everyone will know and remember, they are one

step closer to winning the race.

     Animated characters are also a medium for ensnaring children. Animation has been the

way which companies from Disney to the Cartoon Network, capture the attention of children

everywhere. Tony the Tiger is the spokesman for Kellogg’s frosted flakes. The image of this

tiger appears in all the commercials and on the boxes of cereal. “Their grrrreat!,” is a catch

phrase used along with the animated character. Together these mediums imprint themselves into

a child’s memory. When a child sees these commercials on television, the get placed in their

memory book. When a child goes shopping with their parents and sees the product on the shelf,

the memory resurfaces and the child asks for the product. Other animated characters associated

with food products, are the Trix Rabbit, the Flintstones, the leprechaun for Lucky Charms, and

the Quick Rabbit. The Flintstones is a well-known cartoon. Using these characters to advertise a

product takes something that children already love and gives it more meaning. Again, these

commercials get put into a child’s memory bank, and the companies hope that the child will one

day ask for the product.

     Toys are another

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