Second Grade Weekly Homework Sheet


Weekly Homework 3/12-3/16

Spring Break- No Homework! Woohoo! Have a GREAT break! 


Information on Homework:

  • All second graders are expected toread 20-25 minutes, write a reading log response, practice spelling, and complete a math worksheet each night for homework. If there is not a math worksheet assigned, students should do 20 minutes of ST Math. Students are expected to write their homework in their planner each day. Please support your child in completing these tasks as they are an expectation and beneficial to help your child grow in second grade. Below is a description of each homework assignment: 

 Reading Log

  • All 2nd graders are expected to read at least 20 mintues every night. After they are finished reading, they are expected to write a small reflection of the book. We will have various topics througout the year for students to write about based on what we are learning about it. For the next few weeks, students will focus on connections they make while reading. We have been learning about how good readers make text-to-text, text-to-world, or text-to-text connections. Please see example on the link below. 
  • Click the link to find more information about the reading log. It also includes an example to guide you Making Connections


  • Each week, we will give students a new list of spelling words to learn on Mondays. Students will write the spelling words in their planner. On Fridays, we will be taking spelling quizzes over the assigned spelling words. **Each week, the last five words will be taken from a high frequency word list. 
  • Tic Tac Toe Instructions  <--- Click the link for instructions on the Tic Tac Toe weekly spelling assignment. Please staple or paperclip the tic-tac-toe sheet to your child's work to turn in to the teacher on Friday. 
  • Spelling will begin the week of August 14th
  • Below is a list of our spelling words we will learn throughout the year. Each spelling list will have a phonics focus. We will always include high frequency words on our spelling lists:  
  • *** Please note we will no lgoer require students to turn in their spelling T.T.T.. We want students to be independent learners and study on their own. Students can still use ideas on ways to study byuisng the above link. We will still have spelling quiz every Friday. 

Week 8/14-8/18 Phonics: We are focusing on short vowel sounds. 

Week 8/21-8/24 Phonics: Continue focus on short vowel sounds. 

 Week 8/28-9.1 Phonics: Focus on a combination of high frequency words and sight words. 

 Week 9/5-9/8 Phonics: Focus on words starting with C or K

Week 9/11/17 Phonics: Focus on more high frequency and sight words. 

Week 9/18-9/22 Phonics: We are reviewing words we are using in the classroom

Week 9/25-9/29 Phonics: Vowel diphthongs- OU and OW words. Recognize the special vowel sound o-u and the two sounds for o-w. 

Week 10/2-10/6- NO spelling- short week

Week 10/9-10/13- No Spelling- short week

Week 10/16-10/20 Phonics: R controlled vowels. 

Week 10/23-10/27 Phonics: We are focusing on contractions. 

Week 10/30-11/3 Phonics: Continue focus on contractions

Week 11/6-11/10 Phonics: We are focusing on words with ee and ea spelling patterns. 

Week 11/13-11/17 Phonics: We are focusing on prefixes and suffixes. 


Week 11/27-12/1 Phonics_ We are focusing on compound words. 

Week 12/4-12/8 Phonics: review spelling patterns previously taught. 

Week 12/11-12/15 Phonics: We are focusing on l-blends. 

 Week 12/18-12/22 - No homework...Half Days :)

WINTER BREAK 12/22-1/9 - No Homework! Have a great break!

Week 1/22-1/29  Phonics: au and aw words

Week 1/29-2/2 Phonics: oi and oy words 

Week 2/5-2/9 Phonics: oo and oo words

Week 2/12-2/16 Phonics: We are reviewing high frequency words. '

Week 2/26-3/2 Phonics: syllable patterns


Week 3/19-3/23 Phonics: words ending with y 


  • Each day, your child will write their math homework in the planner and have the math homework assignment in their red folder. 
  •  For GoMath support, you can access a full copy of the text including all homework is availableon the ebook.
  • If no Go math homework is assigned that day, students should do 20 minutes of ST Math. ST Math is a great resource for students to do at home. 




Product Description

This is the Cover Sheet that is sent out every Monday to my 1st or 2nd Graders. It explains what the homework is for each night. I use the same cover sheet every week, but use different Spelling words and the Math would be Math taught on that particular day. I used to have a point system on this Homework Contract, but now that a lot of district report cards do not highlight homework as being a big focus, I decided to make it easier on myself and just have parents and/or myself check off each assignment that students have completed for the week and mark it accordingly in my grade book. They turn in all their homework at the end of the week with this Cover Sheet stapled to the top of their homework. You can change it to any grade level at the top and whatever Math you are doing that day, you would send home the correlating Math worksheet or assignment for students to do, which is why Math is generically labeled "Math Worksheet."

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