Lesson 7 Homework Practice Equivalent Expressions Definition

To start the Intro to New Material section, I have students turn and talk to their partners about the first problem.  I then articulate the key points myself:  The expressions are equivalent.  The commutative property tells us that the order doesn’t matter.  This property only works for addition and multiplication.

We then look at the second example.  Again, I have students turn and talk about whether or not the expressions are equivalent.  Here, I also articulate the key points: The expressions are equivalent.  The Associative Property tells us that no matter how you group the numbers the result will always be the same.  The Associative Property can only be applied to addition and multiplication.

For both properties, I have students help me come up with equivalent expressions (numerical and algebraic).

My expectations for student work throughout this lesson is that students will identify and define the appropriate property for each problem, when asked to write/explain.  The more practice students get with identifying and defining the properties, the more quickly they will internalize each of them.

In this lesson, I have students independently complete some quick practice problems, before we move into partner practice.  This gives me a chance to check for student understanding and also make sure students are doing the appropriate amount of writing for each problem.

As a resource, there is a reference sheet attached.  I don't yet give this to students - I choose to provide it as a resource after our lessons on the distributive and the identity properties.  I've provided it here so that you can use it as you see fit.


Chapter 6, Lesson 7: Equivalent Expressions


Directions for Pre-Assessment

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Lesson Resources:

*Video Examples: See Below

*Online Textbook Videos (Online Tutor): Log into connected.mcgraw-hill.com (username: iD# followed by M, password: math12). Click on the textbook. Click on the purple talk bubble on the right side and select the appropriate chapter and lesson. 




Video Examples:


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6 

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