Acn3073 Assignment 1 2014

Kim54423031 wrote:
In a decreasing order of priority, list what you consider to be the most important MDGs and targets from development that you would like to see in your country. Post (place/copy) your answer (the list) in the Discussions tool.
Does this mean I just jot down points 1 - 8 how I feel S.A should prioritise the MDGs? Do I elaborate or what?
Yes, just rearrange those points in the order that you think best describes the case study.

I don't think you need to elaborate each point ( I doubt the TA's are going to read your message word-by-word).

Maybe give a little introduction (2 sentences long) , then your 8 choices, then a little conclusion (2 sentences long).

The TA's will most likely look at the way your reponse is formatted.

So the easiest way to make sure that your response "looks right" is to first do it in Word. Format it the way you want it. Then copy & paste it to the discussion forum, under the correct message thread.
How do I register on myLabs? This doesn't work. You are going to have to wait for the EUP1501 system to email you your username and password.

In order to complete the learning activities, you now need to Sign in at, using your student number as both Username & Password
Those instructions don't work, I've also tried.

myLife email is not working along side myUnisa and I have tried everything but get no answers from Unisa, so I have a clue what is going on.
There are two types of LOGIN pages for the myLIFE email system.

# One says OUTLOOK --- ( and it's in blue ) ----- this one won't accept your login details, no matter how hard you try.

# One says OFFICE365 --- ( and it's in red ) --- this is the only one that works.

The easiest way to get to the OFFICE365 page, is to first get to the myUNISA page ---> then click on the "myLIFE Email" link (picture).

It should take you to the email RED login page ----> make sure to bookmark it.

*****Edit***** rather bookmark this link --->

Hi there,

I enjoyed the additional study material and multiple choice comparison tool. I also found great value in the newly introduced study packs – great value for money!

My only criticism, which would be difficult to change, is that students don’t communicate within the study groups enough. This is a difficult mentality to change I think, when people register thinking that they are going to to be spoon fed and miraculously pass without doing any work.

I passed FAC3702 with 66%, it was the third time I had written this module! I am so impressed! Waiting for my MAC3702 mark, so holding thumbs that will be a good pass too!
I failed FAC3703, but can’t blame TWP, he site and materials were amazing…I dealt with a lot of work and personal stress during the exam period when I wrote FAC3703 and was just not in the right head space. Nevertheless, I will give it a good bash again in September.

Thank you for all your hard work at TWP! You really made a difference!

Kind regards,
— Petra

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