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Community Service is a Way of Giving Back Essay

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Many think that community service is just something you are forced to do for school. To me, community service is a way of giving back. I like making people feel as though they matter, and it gives me a warm feeling at the end of the day because I feel I have made a difference. I grow as a person each time I do community service. Some people do community service because they have to, but I do it because I want to. I have volunteered about 52 hours of community service in the READ program at a local elementary school on east 3rd street and ave S.
Two days a week, after school I would take the B82 and take it down to east 3rd street and walk to the school. I would wait about 10 min before the children would come into the classroom. I…show more content…

I would have this little book where in the beginning I would ask the child to read a few words and sounds and correct him if I have to. After that, we would start to read the story. After we finished the story I would record it on a record sheet and the kid would put a number on a cookie chart, when we would get up to number one hundred, everyone would have a cookie party.
Each session of the books was in different colors. There were about 24 books in each session. When the kid finished reading the whole session, the teacher would come by and the child takes a test by reading all the sentences that the teacher gave him and if he does it in 2 or fewer mistakes then he can go on to the next color set, which is a little harder then the last one. It was very fun working with the kids and I enjoyed every moment I spent with them. At first I was a little bit shy but it was a matter of time before I become a good tutor and a good friend to every one around me including the kids, other tutors and the teacher.
My work definitely impacted the society and it benefited. I was one of the many that gave our free time to teach first graders that were reading behind the other kids in their grade. I did a very good job to teach the kid everything I know and I’m sure I made them a better reader. After every day, each kid was able to go home to their families and tell them how much better they became at reading. Their families where proud of their

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Coming up with your own original NHS service project ideas

You may decide you would prefer to come up with your own community service project. And you certainly can—be creative! Start by identifying a need in your community that can be filled by a high school-age volunteer activity. It is important to keep in mind that there may be needs which you simply won’t be able to fill due to age and other legal restrictions. (For more on volunteering as a high school student, check out our post, Can I Volunteer if I’m Under Age 18?) Next, identify your useful skills. How can you personally be most helpful and make the most difference in your community?


Leverage your networks and connections to make contact with organizations that could use your help or support your effort in another way, like sponsoring an event, donating supplies, and so on. It is a good idea to cast a wide net here. Think about adults who you know, such as friends of your parents, parents of your friends, and teachers. Are any of them connected with a nonprofit or volunteer organization that could use your help? Do any of them own or know someone who owns a small business that might be able to support your efforts?


Think about volunteer opportunities available in areas that most interest you. You are likely to make the most impact, as well as grow personally, if you are participating in a cause that is meaningful to you. While it is certainly okay—and encouraged—to fulfill your NHS community service requirement and add the activity to your college application, you will perform your best work if you actually care about what you are doing. Furthermore, you are more likely to describe the activity well and demonstrate enthusiasm—and thus showing colleges that you truly grew from the experience—if you enjoy it. You should also decide if you would prefer to work alone or with others and what kind of commitment you can offer. Will it be a long- or short-term project? How many hours do you plan to commit each day, week, or month?


Once you have a plan, put it into practice. Whether you are starting from scratch or going with one of the examples above, you will need to do some research to figure out how to get started. An organization website is a good place to check first.


NHS community service projects not only benefit your community; they can help you grow personally as well. As an added benefit, your work will also show colleges that you are committed to bettering the world around you.


Check out our post on the National Honor Society to learn more about the organization.


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