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TOEFL Essay Örnekleri

Some people think that family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence in young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

As social beings, we are naturally influenced by those we meet in the course of our lives. This is particularly true for young people, whose character and personality are still malleable. Although friends play a central role in the lives of teenagers, in my opinion, it is the family which has a greater impact on young people. My view is based on psychological, intellectual and financial reasons.

Psychologically, the family is the central grounding factor for a young person, because the parents, brothers and sisters are the ones who actually love him or her. It is through thousands of life situations and family discussions that norms, values, customs, traditions and expectations are passed on to the youngster. The depth of relationship, developed over the years through shared joys and sorrows, place family members in an incomparably close bond which cannot easily be replicated by friends or anyone else.

Intellectually, the family impacts the young person’s ability to think. Parents create the intellectual climate in the home. Whether children develop the habit of reading, studying hard or striving to achieve their goals depends largely on the parents’ example. Whether youngsters agree or disagree with their parents’ political or religious views, the family remains a reference point against which young people develop their individuality. In Asian cultures, where respect for elders is an important value, the family plays an even more central role in shaping the young person’s world view.
Financially, the family influences the youngster by providing a certain type of lifestyle. Home, school, friends, hobbies, clothes, holidays and material possessions – all of these are impacted by the family’s prosperity. The same holds true for the youngster growing up in a poor family- a totally different reality will surround that young person. No friend could have this powerful or tangible an influence on the teenager.

In conclusion, though friends can have a strong influence on a young person, it is finally the family which provides the more powerful backdrop in a young person’s life. The family’s influence is permanent, unforgettable and inescapable.

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IELTS Essay Örnekleri

Some people think that spending a lot on holding wedding parties, birthday parties and other celebrations is just a waste of money. Others, however, think that these are necessary for individuals and the society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Throwing parties can be expensive. While some people do not find these fancy parties worth what they cost, others believe parties are important to both individuals and the society.

People choose to throw parties for a number of reasons. For starters, parties can make better teams. Project kick-off parties are good opportunities to break the ice and help team members to know each other better. Victory parties create a sense of success and belonging. Companies do not see parties as wastes of money and allocate budget to support such events. Moreover, parties often leave good memories. From our own experiences, we all have happy memories of our birthday parties when we were little. Every family has great photos took on family parties in their album. In addition, contrary to what some people believe that spending on parties is a waste of social resources, parties actually create value, either by employing people in the party planning business or by offering people better party experiences.

The popularity of parties, however, causes some tension in the society. Parties are hard on introverted people who find themselves uncomfortable in parties. This is a clinic symptom which psychologists call it “social anxiety disorder”. There are other ways to celebrate important events that may have greater value for their cost. For instance, companies could send out gifts after successful projects and parents could take their children on family trips to celebrate birthdays.

In my opinion, while a party is a form of social event that brings many benefits to individuals and the society, other choices should also be considered, either to cut spending or to relieve the stress of those who are not fond of parties.

BUEPT Essay Örnekleri

Animal Experimentation

There has been a controversy between animal rights supporters and scientists about whether it is right to use animals in experimental research. Also, it is very debatable whether using animals for such research results in finding a cure for diseases. From my point of view, if there are no other alternatives, and if it is possible that this will contribute to science, animals may be used for experimental research.

Although the animal rights activists claim that people and animals are equal and thus they should be treated equally, I think that people and animals cannot be seen equal, and therefore the death of an animal cannot be the same thing as the death of a person. For that reason, causing animals to die for science, for the sake of saving human lives, may be considered ethical to some extent if it will contribute to the advancement of science and will be to the benefit of humanity in general.

Furthermore, animal rights supporters label scientists as ‘cruel’ for causing animals to die in medical experiments, while they do not oppose the people, mostly farmers, who kill animals for food, even though they know that 99% of animals deaths is caused by farmers while only a small percentage, i.e. 1% is caused by scientists. The underlying reason for that is they find scientists easier to attack and cannot deal with farmers who are organized and strong.

Another basic argument of animal rights defenders is that people and animals are different genetically and therefore it is useless to use animals in experiments to see the effects of some substances on people. They claim that it will make no good to use animals in experiments because they are too different to be compared to people. Some of them even assert that it is better to use people directly as they think that the results of experiments on animals cannot be valid and reliable as long as the same observation has not been done on man also. However, these people cannot foresee the disastrous results of such a practice. Many people are likely to die until a healthy result is obtained.

People and animals may not be the same, but to some degree there are similarities which can at least give scientists an idea about their experiments. From this point of view, scientists are right to use animal models to provide themselves with information about what is happening at level of detail that could not be achieved in humans. Although there might have been some incidents when animal testing did not prove to be useful and some effects of some drugs observed on animals could not be observed on people, there are also a lot of examples that show that using animals resulted in significant developments and helped to cure some serious illnesses.

On the other hand, there may be alternative methods that should be used instead of animal experimentation. Then, of course, it is cruel and unethical to use animals. For example, in some experiments in-vitro methods can be used as an alternative to using live animals. In such occasions, it is certainly much better and right to employ these alternatives.

All in all, it can be said that using animals for medical research is ethical a long as it contributes to scientific development and helps scientists find ways to improve human health. And this practice is only acceptable on the condition that necessary pains are taken and animals are treated humanely.

Ayse Ipek, Spring 2004 Adv

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Here are English Paragraph and Essay Samples. Original essays and paragraphs were edited and developed by Kenan AKARSLAN
(Paragraf ve makaleler üzerinde gerekli düzeltme, ekleme ve çıkarmalar Kenan AKARSLAN tarafından yapılmıştır.)
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1- Narrative Paragraphs (Öyküleyici Paragraflar)
2- Descriptive Paragraphs (Betimleyici Paragraflar)
3- Process Paragraphs (Süreç Paragrafları)
4- Opinion Essays (Fikir Makaleleri)
5- Cause and Effect Essays (Sebep Sonuç Makaleleri)
6- Compare and Contrast Essays (Karşılaştırma Makaleleri)

Metinlere geçmeden önce yazarken nelere dikkat etmelisiniz:

Nasıl paragraf ve makale yazılır?

1- Önce yazacağınız metin türüne karar verin (narrative, for and against; paragraph, essay, report, e-mail…)
2- Büyük ihtimalle resmi dil kullanmanız gerekecektir (hocalarınız vereceği için görevleri). Kullandığınız dil gündelik dil, argo veya basit olmamalı. Hocanızdan yazınızın nasıl değerlendirileceğine dair kriterleri mutlaka öğrenmelisiniz (Yani başlığa, dilbilgisine, yazı uzunluğuna, konu bütünlüğüne ne oranda puan verecek önemlidir).
3- Yazmaya başlamadan önce beyin fırtınası yapmalı ve değineceğiniz noktaları kabaca belirledikten sonra eleme yapıp bir anafikir ve en az bir (ideali iki) destekleyici fikir belirlemelisiniz. Bu fikir ya da fikirleri örneklerle desteklemelisiniz. Yazacağınız konuyla ilgili metinler okumak sizi ‘writer’s block’ dediğimiz ‘aklıma fikir gelmiyor’ sorunundan kurtaracaktır.
4- Yazarken Türkçe düşünmemelisiniz. Sahip olduğunuz Türkçe bilgisi İngilizce bilginize oranla çok derin olduğu için kurmak isteyeceğiniz cümle doğal olarak çok karmaşık yapılardan oluşacaktır. Bu karmaşıklığı ingilizce yazınıza yansıtmanız ya imkansızdır ya da ortaya çıkacak cümle sonuçta sizin eseriniz olmayacak ve puan kaybetmenize sebep olacaktır.
5- Google Translate, kuzen/abi vs.den de çeviri yardımı kısıtlı oranda alabilirsiniz. Ancak yazınızın tamamını bu şekilde çevirmeye kalkarsanız ortaya çıkan yapı yine sizin cümleniz olmayacaktır.
6- Çözüm: Hocalarınız sizden eğer elementary seviyesindeyseniz intermediate veya daha üst seviyede içerik (dilbilgisi, kelime, deyim veya atasözü) beklemezler. Onların sizden isteği size öğretilenleri yazıya uygulamanızdır. Yani elementary öğrencisiyseniz elementary cümle kurun. Kitaplarınızda istemediğiniz kadar örnek bulunmaktadır. Sizin çok üzerinizde cümle ve metin yazıp hocanıza vermeniz onu inandırmayacaktır.
7- Peki nasıl ingilizce düşüneceksiniz: Öncelikle öğrendiğiniz kalıpları (kitabınızdaki metinlere, dinlemelere vs. bakın) kullanın demiştim. Bu seviyede deyim bilmediğiniz için Türkçe deyimleri ingilizceye çevirmeye kalkmayın çünkü birebir karşılığı garip ve anlaşılmaz olacaktır. Yine de kullanmak istiyorsanız basit bir iki deyimi geçmeyin. Collocationlara dikkat edin. Yani ‘do homework’ denir ama ‘make homework’ olmaz. Emin olamadığınız durumlar için sitesini çok öneririm. Google translate collocation konusunda önemli yardımda bulunuyor ama yine de %100 güvenmeyin sonuçlara. Tureng ve sesli sözlük de deyim ve tamlamalar konusunda işinize yarayacak iki site. Son olarak sizi seviye açısından biraz zorlayacak kaynaklardan hikaye, makale, haber ve roman okuyun. Aşağıdaki paragraf ve makaleler sizin gibi öğrencilerin yazdığı düzeltilmiş metinlerdir.
İyi okumalar.


1- Narrative Paragraphs (Öyküleyici Paragraflar)

SAMPLE 1 (By Gülsen Köksal)

The Encounter

It was a rainy day. I had never been more tired in my life. I just had spent all day for online assignments. I was at a cafe. I and my friend were worried about our assignments and suddenly my friend noticed that someone from our school had entered the cafe. Then, she asked me: “Have you seen this guy in our school before?” I answered: “I remember his face, but I did not like his mimics and gestures at first sight. He looked so silly and irritating.” We went on chatting with my friend. We were catching each other’s eye with the boy in the cafe. Next day, we encountered again. This time, we found reasons to talk. I started to like him. We are still together. I want to be happy with him in the future.

SAMPLE 2 (By Gökhan Tanıyan)

4th Grade Summer Vacation

It was the most exciting day of my summer vacation. I got up early in the morning to go to my village. In the afternoon, we arrived in Edirne at four o’clock. The village is one hour away from the city center. I spent a few hours at Kırkpınar Fair before going to the village. We were finally in the village in the evening. A few weeks later, we went to the forest with my friends. We came across a flock of sheep in the forest. The shepherd dogs guarding the flock started to run towards us. When we saw the dogs, we started to run away. The dogs returned after chasing us 100 meters. When we came to the entrance of the village we saw a bull running and people trying to catch him. The bull stopped suddenly when he saw us. At that moment, when the bull paused, its owner approached silently and caught him by the rope. It was one of the most exciting days I have ever lived.

SAMPLE 3 (By Ali Harputlu)


I woke up early in the morning. I awakened my parents. We put the bags in the car and went to the airport. The flight took a short time. We got out of the airport and called a taxi. I told the taxi driver the hotel’s name. We came to the hotel. The rooms were not prepared. We started to wait in the lobby. My aunt told me that university selection results were announced. I was very excited and I checked the results immediately. I was accepted to the University of Adana Science and Technology. I was so happy. The holiday, then, started for me. During the holiday, I swam in the pool, had fun the aqua park and ate different world dishes. In my opinion, the most beautiful one is the Turkish Cuisine. The holiday was over and we flew back to Adana.

SAMPLE 4 (By Hürü Çevik)


It was a hot summer day. I got ready early in the morning to go outside. If I had known that I would experience a bad event, I would not have gone outside. Everything began after meeting with my friends. I went out and suddenly I remembered that my Furry was on the balcony to get some fresh air. I called my sister to get her inside, but she did not answer the phone. I remembered that she had guests and I sent her a message to take my Furry rabbit inside. When I returned home, my sister was having a nice day with her friends. I asked her about my Furry, but she said she had not seen the message. I screamed and went to the balcony. The rabbit was dead because of heat. I was sad and buried it in the garden and after that, I became more careful about everything.

SAMPLE 5 (By Ali Tut)


I will never forget this accident in Syria. It was a summer day. I was bored, so I went to sit by the highway. I found a nice place to sit and listened to music. While I was watching the sunset, I saw a man in a suit and a pair of glasses on the highway. I was surprised because he wanted to cross the highway, and he, suddenly, threw himself on the highway. After that, a truck swerved to the other lane and the cars behind it hit the truck. The cars were moving very fast, so none of the cars could stop in time. The highway was like a pool of blood. Women were crying for the dead and children were frightened like me.The man in the suit was running away. I followed him and hit him in the head with a stone. Fİnally, I handed the guilty man in to the hands of the police.

SAMPLE 6 (By Naciye Geçgel)


It was my friend’s birthday and I was smiling because my friend thought we had forgotten his birthday. I remember that he was upset. What is more, he was not even talking to us. Should we have told him that we had not forgotten his birthday? No… No… No… Then, it would not be a surprise part for him. First, I got him a birthday cake. And then, the class prepared a video. Everyone on the video was celebrating his birthday. I remember the video was so beautiful. We started to wait in the class. The video was ready. The birthday cake was ready. We lighted the candles of the cake. We were all waiting. The whole class was looking at the door. The door opened but it was not my friend. It was our teacher. I was so surprised because I was waiting for my friend to come. My friends were laughing at me, this is because I was so excited. At that time, my friend entered into the class. He was very happy. I was very happy, too. In conclusion, sometimes, people can be happy with little things. Be happy…


Horror On Holiday

I will never forget this summer. The weather was good. We decided to go to the beach to swim with my friends. While we were going to the beach, we saw some blood in the sea. We were very surprised and frightened. There were sounds of screams from the sea and the beach. After that, we ran to there. We saw lots of sharks. We called the police and the ambulance immediately. After a short time, we heard the sirens of the ambulance and the police cars. We took the injured people out of the sea. We got really tired by the end of the day. The next day, we learned that there were a lot of dead and wounded people. It was a real sad situation. I cannot go to that beach any more.

SAMPLE 8 (By Berkant EVCİL)

Who am I! I am a Champion

I want to tell you about a moment that makes me happy all the time. I have been attending an indoor sports hall recently. That day, I went to a final basketball match. I was studying at a senior class in high school. I can never forget the match day. When I went into the changing room, everybody was waiting for our coach’s tactics. The coach explained his tactics for our final match. The match was about to start when he finished his talk. The match started and all the supporters waited frantically for the final score of the match. The match was going on head to head. I scored a point in the last seven seconds. It was the winning point so I was feeling proud of myself. The coach announced our slogan: “Who am I?” We replied: “I am a champion!” We were the champions. My teammates and I went to the changing room proudly after the match.

SAMPLE 9 (By Ümmügülsüm ÖZTATAR)

Camp with Friends

I have always liked camping since I was a girl scout. I have been to many camps up to now. Now, I will tell you about my best camp experience. Six years ago, when I was thirteen, we went to a camp with my friends and teachers. Firstly, we pitched our tents. Then, we ate some food and organized shows. Our teacher told us that we would go to a graveyard in the wee hour of the nightand listen to the silence. Fİrst, I was afraid of this idea but then I decided that it would be a good experience. Following that, we came to the graveyard and started to listen to the silence. I saw white lights in front of me when everything was on the way. I screamed at first, but my teacher said the lights were disco lights. We returned to the camp with this great fear. We went into our tents to sleep because we were tired. When we fell asleep, two dogs started to run around the tent. My friends and I were screaming as much as possible. Then, the dogs went away and we were relaxed. We came to the end of the camp soon. Despite all those fearful experiences, it was the best camp of my life.

SAMPLE 10 (By Muhammet Ali ÖZYURT)

My Interest in History

I was fifteen years old when I came to Afyon. I started high school. I was wondering about my classmates, teachers and school, so I was very excited. In the first week of the school, everyone was talking especially about the History teacher. He was different from other teachers, because he looked scary. One day, I wanted to answer a question in his lesson. I was nervous and he asked a question to me. He said:”Ok! Now, who conquered İstanbul?” I replied: ” Fatih Sultan Süleyman conquered it, my teacher!” All the class started to laugh at me. I was surprised when they laughed. Later, I noticed my mistake and I said with exact determination: “So sorry, teacher! Kanuni Sultan Mehmet conquered it.” This time they started to laugh even more. I was ashamed. Then, I realized that I had made another mistake. I had confused the names of two important Ottoman emperors. The conqueror was actually ‘Fatih Sultan Mehmet’. Kanuni Sultan Süleyman had lived long after Fatih (the conqueror) Sultan Mehmet. When people are afraid or under stress, they might make very easy and ridiculous mistakes.



My junior brother’s name is Ali. My brother was two years old a few years ago. He could not speak yet. He was a cute but naughty boy, so he would break something every day. I went to my office in the morning and I came back in the afternoon. When I returned my, junior brother was acting up. One day we decided to move to a different house. We finished carrying the furniture at the end of the day, but we were tired very much. Then, we started organizing our furniture and the bathroom, too. We also finished organizing the kitchen at night. I forgot my phone on the table. I was not able to take care of him well. He dropped my phone into water. Nobody, however, was angry with him as he was very cute. I decided to be more careful after this event.

A Chain of Events

I will tell you the short story of a smile. There was a man in a small country. He was alone and very sorrowful. One day, a little girl smiled at him. He remembered that he had not called his sister for a long time. He decided to write a letter to his sister. Then, he sent it to her. She became happy to receive the letter and she tipped the waitress in the restaurant where she went every day. The waitress was very happy for the tip. She gave some money to a poor man begging on the corner. While she was going to her house in the evening, the poor men felt close to this good girl. The man, who was hungry for a few days, took some food for his family. He saw a cold dog while he was walking home. He took the dog to his house. The little dog was very happy, because he got rid of the cold. At midnight, some smoke came out suddenly from the apartment and the dog started to bark. The poor man and all the people in the building woke up. They evacuated their homes quickly. Therefore, all the parents saved their children. In conclusion, a little smile saved the lives of many people. Do not forget to smile at eachother.

SAMPLE 13 (By Necla ÖZTAŞ)

The Most Exciting Day

I got over the excitement of the first presentation. I never thought I could do it. I spent the night with my friends, because I was going to do my presentation next day. They tried to calm me down, but I was very nervous. When the moment of my presentation came, I thought I would have a heart attack. I did the first presentation, so I was even more nervous. The lecturer helped me. I relaxed a little bit. Five minutes later, it was over. My classmates applauded my presentation that day. At that moment, I understood that there was nothing to be afraid of.


A Traffic Accident

My mother called me to prepare my belongings. She was right. It was 5 o’clock. There was little time to set off. I arranged the things I planned to take with me. After packing what I needed, I took my bag and hit the road. We would be in Gaziantep after four hours. I did not know that many things would change with this accident in my life. We started our journey by car. Suddenly, there was a noise on the way. We were hit by a car. I was scared. I called my father but he did not answer, but my mother was moving. Then came the ambulance. We were alright, but that day I realized that the most important thing in my life is my family. Finally, I strongly recommend you to know the value of your family.

SAMPLE 15 (By Fatih BARAN)

A Small Accident

It was a summer day. We were at home, but my mother was in the hospital because she was ill. We were having breakfast at home. After breakfast, I was ready to go to the hospital and I started to walk there. I was walking fast on the road. I was hurrying. I did not understand what happened, but suddenly, I hit my head very hard to a sign board. I yelled, ‘God damn it! Which stupid put this sign board here.’ I realized that I was bleeding in my head. I continued going to the hospital because the bleeding stopped.

SAMPLE 16 (By Dilara Bakırcı)

The Dragon and the Snake The dragon and the snake

Once upon a time, there was a big and cold cave on a high mountain. A dragon lived in this cave. This dragon was very knowledgeable and intelligent. One day, a snake entered the cave and said, ‘This cave is too small for you.’ ‘I will live here’ he said arrogantly. The dragon replied, ‘We can live together. This cave is big enough for both of us. The snake did not accept it and he was getting rude and rude. At that moment, the dragon flew out of the cave to teach the snake a lesson. He left the snake alone in the cave. The snake was staying alone in the cave now but he soon died because of freezing cold before the dragon returned. The dragon warmed the cave again, ate the snake and slept. The snake had to pay for his arrogance.

SAMPLE 17 (By Huseyin Berkay ÖZARICI)

An accident

When I was seven, I had a bad accident. My school bus took me from home and we were on the way. I was talking to my classmates. After a while, something went wrong. I did not know what was happening. I was in the school bus but it was spinning in front of my eyes. I remember that I heard a sound. It was like a crash or glasses breaking. I just closed my eyes. After while, I opened my eyes and I realized that I was lying on the roof of the bus. I was surprised because I noticed that I had an accident. Everyone was in pain. I noticed that from their faces. They were shocked like me. I remember that some kids were crying but I still was not feeling the pain on my face. The door of the bus was closed but I saw a window without any glass because it was broken and I got out through the window. When I was out, I felt some pain on my face. I looked at my clothes. They were all covered in blood. I started to cry. When I put my hands on my left cheek it was covered in blood. I cried even more. Everyone was looking at me and they got shocked more. Then, an ambulance came and took me to a hospital and the doctors put stitches in my cheek. I can never forget this moment and I hope nobody will live through something like this.

2- Descriptive Paragraphs (Betimleyici Paragraflar)


My Dear Friends

Having a real friend is one of the most important things in life. I have a best friend whose name is Aybüke. Firstly, when I saw her, I did not love her but we loved each other so much and enjoyed our time together. I met her five years ago. Secondly, I left my home city for Aybüke. Now, we live in the same city. She has got brown eyes and long fair hair. Also, she has a good character. She is very friendly, smiling and farsighted. Thirdly, in addition to these, she likes animals very much. She has got one bird and three fish. The name of her bird is Çakır. It is a budgerigar. It knows a lot of words. Lastly, she has got lots of plans for the future. She wants to study Child Development and open a nursery school. As I said before, you should have friend like her, because best friends are always one of your pieces.



Istanbul is one of the most beautiful city in Turkey because it is a cultural city. There are many great places. One of them is the Galata Tower. The tower was built in 528. I do not recommend it for people who is afraid of height because it is 63 meters high. İstanbul looks great from there. I witnessed it with my cousin. Another attraction is Eminönü. It is a very crowded place. You can eat fish and bread on the ferry boat or you can feed the seagulls with simit. The sea view and the smell are really impressive there. In conclusion, Istanbul is one of the best places that should be visited in Turkey.




Hello. My name is Fatih. My surname is Baran. I am 19 years old. I am from Manisa. I live in Adana. I graduated from Senem Aka High School. I am studying at Adana Science and Technology University this year. My department is electric electronic engineering. I am a preparatory year student here. I am learning English. I want to improve my English skills. I have got three sisters and two brothers. I like sleeping. I like listening to music. I like watching films. I like science fiction and action movies. I like to do activities and sports, too. In my free time, I like doing sports, reading books, travelling and going to the cinema. I get up at 7 o’clock. Then, I make my bed, tidy the room and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. At a quarter past seven, I have breakfast and then I get ready for school. At a quarter to eight, I get on the bus and go to school. When I finish school, I relax and go to the dormitory. I sleep a little. After that, I study for my lessons, go out with my friends and have dinner. At 11 o’clock, I usually take a bath and go to bed.


A Memory in the Past

Now, I am going to tell you about a funny, exciting and interesting story. First of all, there was a boring and annoying exam. After the exam, I and my friends went to a nice and quiet hill to relax. We were three people. We sat down and started watching the landscape. There was a slight wind and warm weather. We were talking to each other. While we were chatting, I saw a turtle suddenly, and I showed it to my friends. One of my friends was really afraid of the turtle. I took the turtle and tried to scare her by taking advantage of this situation, so she started screaming and running away from me. I had never seen her running so fast like this. Finally, it was a funny interesting and exciting event for me and it was a great day. I never forget that day. I always laugh when it comes to my mind.

(This text can also be catogorized as narrative)

SAMPLE 5 (By Dilara Bakırcı)

My Bird

I have a bird. It is a budgerigar. It has an orange beak and white feather. It lives in a small cage with a mirror. It kisses the shiny mirror. My bird is so cute. First, it can drink Coke and milk. He is naughty at times. He falls into a cup while playing, but I save it. When it runs or flies away, I find him. I care about him very much. I have had my bird for ten years and I am afraid because they live 7-9 years. It will soon die if I do not turn him into a bat. I know it is an impossible wish. Everybody loses something so it makes them sad. We have a good time together with our loved ones. I hope I and my bird will have more beautiful years together.

SAMPLE 6 (By Huseyin Berkay ÖZARICI)

The Travertines of Pamukkale
This natural beauty has always impressed me. This place has a charm. The travertines of Pamukkale came into existence from sedimentary deposited from hot springs millions of years ago. Calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide came together and then turned into a mass of rough white stone. It looks like cotton. That is why it is called as “Pamukkale” (Cotton Castle) in Turkish. Its color is white and its shape looks like a cloud, too. It is a really amazing and wonderful place that everyone needs to see. Every year, about 250,000 tourists visit there every year, and the number of people who visit there increases. Tourists mostly come from the European countries such as Germany and England and some Asian countries. I am sure that they can admire the beauty of this place as much as I do.


3- Process Paragraphs (Süreç Paragrafları)



We need a playing deck to play this game. Remove the jokers and shuffle the cards so that you have 52 cards. First, build your destiny. Second, put seven cards side by side starting from the top card. Turn the first card. Line up the cards again starting from the second card this time. Continue this way until the seventh card is turned open. Now, we can start playing. Open cards should be arranged in black and red. Then, the cards in your hand are opened three times and appropriate ones are placed. Pick up aces and collect the cards with the same symbol in order. If the game cannot be opened, you lose. If the game opens, you win. Good Luck!


How to Make Slime

Slime is a kind of toy. We can make our own slime for our children. Materials required for slime are a glass of warm water at room temperature, a pinch of borax, a pinch of food colouring and bright stars. We can have a different slime in four steps. First, we mix a cup of warm water with a pinch of borax and a pinch of food colouring. When it thickens, we stop stirring the mixture. Then, put the mixture in a container with some glue. Secondly, put some water into the glue. Stir the mixture. Later, add the borax and water mixture and stir until it thickens. Finally, add bright stars and continue mixing. Add warm water if the mixture is solid. The slime is ready. It is a small gift for your children but you can make them happy this way.


How to Become a Hacker

You have to love reading before you decide to be a hacker, because the most important condition in being a hacker is to read. Also, your english should be very good. Now, let us go to the technical part of being a hacker. Firstly, learn programming languages like c/c+/c++/perl/php/Java/delphi or visual basic. Then, get informed about at least one of the operating systems such as Windows NT, 2000, Linux or Unix. You will understand how an exploit works after you have thooroughly learned an OS and programming. Once you understand the exploits properly, you can put slowly your information together. You should also know what a lamer is. Those who want to do illegal work by using others without any reason are called a “lamer”. Avoid being one of them. Technology is developing day by day and staying up-to-date is crucial to being a hacker. As a result, if you still want to be a hacker you should undertake these responsibilities and learn to live with these obligations.


How Clouds Form

Clouds are water droplets in the atmosphere. They form with the condensation of ice and water particles. In other words, moisture in the air and water in the atmosphere play an important role in the formation of clouds. First, clouds are formed after the evaporation of water on Earth. The sun heats the Earth. Lakes, rivers and seas also get warm. Next, warming water begins to evaporate slowly and starts to rise toward the sky. Rising water vapor encounters cold layers in the atmosphere. As a result of this, water vapor condensed to form clouds as we see. The colours of clouds are parallel to the amount of water the cloud carries. This is because clouds reflect the incoming rays. Thick clouds have a lot of water vapor in them, so thick and heavy clouds do not reflect too much light and look gray. Such gray clouds are called rain clouds. If clouds are light, they reflect much of the light. These clouds look white like cotton. Such white clouds are called water clouds. In conclusion, this is how clouds form and the circulation of water in this form contributes to the life cycle on Earth.


The Formation of Rainbows

Rainbows appear when the sunlight and rain come across in a very specific way. Normally, when a beam of sunlight comes down to earth, this light is white. The beams of sunlight separate into different colors we see as they enter a raindrop. In other words, the sunlight is actually made up of different colours that we do not normally see. However, if the light beam hits raindrops on the way down at a certain angle, different colours that make up the beam get refracted so that we can see them in the form of a rainbow. The angle for each color of a rainbow is different, because the colours slow down at different speeds when they enter the raindrop. The light exits the raindrop in one color depending on the angle it comes in. As a result, we see only one color coming from each raindrop. Finally, the light at different angles coming through main raindrops form the rainbow that we see in stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


The Formation of the Rain

the world’s water resources are interconnected and transformed into each other. One of these transformations is called rain. Firstly, the water on the earth rises to the atmosphere as it is evaporated by the Sun. Then, this water steam condenses there and turns into little water droplets. After that, these droplets come together and form clouds. Clouds need to be big enough to rain which means that thousands of droplets should come together. Finally, these droplets are called rain when they fell down on earth thanks to gravity. I think that rainfall is the best type of water transformations in the world.


Being a Successul Student

I would like to tell you about how to become a successful student. Firstly, you must have a goal. You can study regularly every day in order to be a good student. For example, you may prepare a study program, but you must adhere to it. You should reward yourself when you are successful. Secondly, do not be afraid to lose. You need to lose in order to learn to win, so you should take lessons from your mistakes. Finally, never give up, because success is a journey. It is not a final destination. If you consider these factors, you may become an ideal student.


Preparation of a Simple Circuit

I want to tell you about the basics of preparing an electrical circuit as my department is Electric Electronics Engineering. First, we need a small bulb, a battery, a cable, a small bulb socket and a contractor switch to set up the circuit. Now, let us begin by connecting the cables to the positive and negative poles of the battery which is your power source. Then, put the switch on one side of the connection cable with the bulb on the other side. Later, with the help of a cable, connect the other end of the circuit switch to the bulb socket. Finally, finish the connection process by switching the button on and the bulb will illuminate. In conclusion, if you make it right, you will understand the simplest topic of electrical engineering.

SAMPLE 9 (By Hatice MAVİŞ)


Flu is the people suffer in winter. I was also ill but I feel better now. I will tell you about how to cure it step-by-step. That is easy. Firstly, you should drink lots of water or consume with food with liquid. For example, my grandmother’s chicken soup is delicious. I ate her soup when I was ill. You should try it, too. It was very effective. Secondly, you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables like orange or broccoli, but you should not take antibiotics. Thirdly, you should drink herbal tea, eat honey and lemon together as a special cure. It is necessary. Finally, you should get some rest and not go to work or school because your body will get tired. You should relax. I hope these suggestions will be useful.

SAMPLE 10 (By Berkay DÖLEK)


Washing machines make washing the laundry quite easy. In this paragraph, I will tell you how to wash the laundry with a washing machine. First, we put the clothes in the machine. Later, we add some detergent and softener. Most important step is to set up the temperature. 90 degrees is ideal. It would suffice to break the dirt down in the short program. You can close the lid and start the program. You should wait for about 30 minutes. After washing up finishes, hang the clothes up in the laundry. It is that easy.

SAMPLE 11 (By Ahmet Baki SARI)

Relationship and Communication

I will tell you how a good relationship is kept and how to fix it from in a bad situation. Firstly, without good there can never be a good relationship. My suggestion is that you need to be away from technology and unfruitful things, because they isolate you from others. Second, after getting rid of time wasting activities, we have to communicate a lot with people around us. Communications must be pursued in long time. We must increase the moments we share with other people gradually. You will see that communication will be strengthened and accordingly your social life will be really improved. Moreover, face-to-face dialogue is the best and the most effective way to keep the process on. As a result, we can improve our relationship with people if we keep away from distractors such as technology, communicate well, and try to maintain this behaviour.

SAMPLE 12 (By Görkem Hamit ÜNSAL)

How to do Da Vinci’s sleep

If you have an intense pace of life, Da Vinci sleep is perfect for you, but how do we do the Da Vinci sleep? First of all, you work 4 hours and then sleep 20 minutes. Secondly, you work 4 hours again and sleep another 20 minutes. You repeat this in the third and following steps. Your 20 minutes sleep gets deeper and deeper and it becomes enough for your body. Of course, there is a two to three week period to get used to the method. However, with this method you only sleep one and a half hours a day and safe three months a year.


How to Produce a Car

Thousands of cars are produced every day in the world. In this process a car is designed by engineers first. Second stage is the press section. In this step, steel plate is shaped by applying pressure. The steels shaped are welded with robots to form the skeleton of the car in the third stage. Then, it goes to the paint section. The skeletons are taken to the paint oven. Powder paint sprayed on the car is then melted with hot air to give the automobile its true color. Fifth is the assembly section. When the paint finishes, the vehicle is put on the mounting band. The car is moved in the band and the parts are mounted. Finally, quality control and testing are done and the car is offered for sale.

SAMPLE 14 (By Muhammet Ali Özyurt)

How to Make Chips

We do not know the production of chips which is the most consumed snack, so I will give you some brief information about the production of it at a factory. Firstly you have to use potatoes fresher than 24-hours and have to clean them with water. After the potatoes have been cleaned, they are peeled with a cylinder of a peeling machine. This machine can peel 12000 pounds of potatoes an hour. Secondly, slicing machine slices the potatoes with sharp knives and washes them one more time. After washing, the potato slices are fried with oil at 190 centigrade degrees. Finally, the potatoes are salted in a salt bath and packed. It takes 15 minutes for a normal potato to transform into potato chips and this takes shorter than its consumption by a consumer.

SAMPLE 15 (By Lütfiye Ünal)

Getting out of Depression

Depression is a very common illness nowadays. Everyone can get into depression; however, everyone can overcome this problem, too. Firstly, you should accept it and be patient. Do not forget! Humans are strong. Second, you should not sleep too much because the sun is very nice. For example, you can get up early and work outside or go to the seaside. The sky is amazing. You can watch the sky. You can spend time with your friends or your family outside. Third, believing is important. In other words, you should believe in yourself. You have to think positively and you can also pray. Finally, you must know that you need time and never back off. Everything will be alright in time if you follow these recommendations.

SAMPLE 16 (By Necla Öztaş)

Formation of the Snow
All the water in the world is in a state of transformation. One of these transformations is snow. I will tell you about the formation of this natural beauty. First, the water on the surface of the world evaporates when the sunlight hits it. Then, it rises to the air as it warms up and gets lighter. The water vapor gets very cold when it reaches the upper parts of the sky. The vapor turns into water droplets. They turn into crystal, then. This happens very quickly. These crystals are called snowflakes. Each snowflake is different from the other and they look white but they are transparent. Because of gravity, they fall down to earth. In this way snowfall occurs. I think snow fall is the most beautiful type of transformation.


How to Take the Best Selfie

Taking selfie is very popular nowadays. Many celebrities also got into this photo madness. Now, I will tell you how to take the best selfie. Firstly, you should wear nice clothes, nice accessories and have a well groomed skin. These are necessary to look good. Second step is a beautiful background. It is very important that your background looks as good as you. Third step is that you are not alone. Be with your friends or family. It will be more fun like that. Fourth and almost the most important step is to use light properly. It is very important to use the light well to look good in the photo. Fifth step is to pose well in a natural way. It is important that you stay away from being unnatural. Sixth step is to use a selfie stick or earphones so that your arm does not get tired. Seventh and the last step is to edit the photo and give it a little effect. Download a good application onto your phone for this action. These are the seven important steps that will show you perfectly in your selfies. Good selfies!

SAMPLE 18 (By Gülsen KÖKSAL)


The Stages of the Flu

The flu is the most popular illness in the late fall and early winter. The illness of occurs as the winter approaches, and is one of the most common infectious diseases. Firstly, I will explain the causes of the influenza. It is caused by a virus. Usually, the virus is spread through the air from coughs or sneezes. Secondly, symptoms of the flu can start quite suddenly. The main symptom of the flu is a sudden fever, high temperature about 38 degrees , a dry and chesty cough, a headache, tiredness and weakness. Thirdly, to cure the flu you should consume liquids like water, orange juice and warm herbal tea. After that, the infected person should take a rest. Then, he or she should wear their jackets and socks in order to get well as soon as possible. Fourth, We should wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. We should never pick up used tissues or share share cups. In conclusion, researchers say that after 5 days the fever and other symptoms disappear but coughs and weakness may continue. Usually, all symptoms are gone within a week or two.

4- Opinion Essays (Fikir Makaleleri)

SAMPLE 1 (By Fatma Dilara)

Why Cannot We Get Along?

Communication happens between at least two people. People understand each other and some say we are in the age of communication. I do not agree that everybody understands each other because they do not listen to what the other says or really understands one another.

First, we do not know to listen, because we think we are always right or our own idea is more important than what the other person says. We have to make it a habit to listen before we talk. If we do this, we will have more control over the issue.

Second, not listening causes misunderstandings. There should not be prejudices when communicating. For Example, Thomas Edison who advocates direct current on one side and Nicola Tesla, an advocate of alternative currents on the other, had prejudices against eachother, so there were constant arguments between them. If Edison had listened to Tesla and understood him, it would probably be better for today’s world. They should have approached each other without any prejudice. If this were the case, now, we could be in a better situation in the field of communication.

As a result, we should respect each other and the listen properly to understand one another as we live together in this world and I believe that we can understand each other, or else misunderstandings may bring about bad results.

SAMPLE 2 (By Hüseyin Berkay ÖZARICI)

Travelling or Reading

Most people think that learning by travelling has a good effect on people and their kowledge. Learning by travelling may help people’s knowledge but this is not really the case. You can see some new places by travelling but you cannot know how they were built or created. It is not enough to learn things by seeing. You should know its history. When you go to a country which is popular with its historical places, you cannot get the information you want about it, which means that travelling alone is not enough to know about a place. So, people who learn things by reading know more about a culture and new lives.

If you want to know about a culture or history of a place, you need to read articles or research about it, in my opinion. Also, by reading, you can learn new words about that culture, so it leads to the improvement in your vocabulary. You might not have enough money to go abroad and learn other cultures, but you can get much information about that by reading. In that way, your knowledge will be improved more by all means.

There are billions of people outside. By reading, it is easy to know about those lives. Now, you can have information about different people from different places by reading some articles and books. Also, reading these articles and books will change your perspective, because writers are from different cultures and have their own life styles. These differences change your approach to problems and make you intellligent. It leads to the improvement of your personality and makes you a more civilised person. You become a graceful person and your knowledge of other poeple’s lives becomes more developed.

In conclusion, reading makes your knowledge higher and makes you smart. In that case, learning by travelling is not enough. Besides, you cannot improve yourself; however, by reading, learning other cultures and lives is possible.

5- Compare and Contrast Essays (Karşılaştırma Makaleleri)

SAMPLE 1 (By Hüseyin Berkay ÖZARICI)

Effects of Stress on People


People sometimes think of things or about a subject a lot, so they are obsessed with that and they get crazy. In the end, they get stressed, too. There are two main problems caused by stress which are physical and mental.

First, the primary effect of stress is physical problems. As a physical problem, headache annoys people all day. It is not a type of headache that can be cured by taking pills, because stress gives rise to a headaches. You feel tired, as well. It does not matter how much you sleep. It always makes you feel tired and tiredness results in clumsiness. When you are clumsy, you can damage everything around you.

Second, another result of stress is mental problems. As a mental problem, depression is the most common ailment which everyone has when they get stressed. When you go into depression, you will be very pessimistic. You may not eveb want to talk to anyone. Also, stress is the cause of sleeplessness. When people get stressed, some of them cannot sleep at night and that causes tiredness, as well. Even if you fall asleep, you see a nightmare and it makes you scared, so this affects your psychology. You might be afraid of anything. Sometimes, you want to be alone and think to yourself, but in my opinion, thinking about the subject that you mind might have reverse effects on you.

In conclusion, physical and mental problems are the major effects of stress in people. People care too much about trivial things and they get stuck in these thoughts which can hurt their psychology and body.

6- Compare and Contrast Essays (Karşılaştırma Makaleleri)


Viruses and Bacteria


There are thousands maybe millions of creatures on earth. People have been curious what kind of creatures there are on earth. There is a branch called ‘Biology’ which looks for new kinds and investigates species existed long time ago. Scientists discovered tiny creatures which have their own varieties in each one. You cannot see them with the naked eye and they surround us. They have been living with us, they are everywhere, they multiply and affect us; they are viruses and bacteria.

As tiny creatures, a bacterium and virus are very common in existence. Viruses are not alive. They can transfer to the dead from live organisms. A bacterium is a prokaryote. It can be observed and described by using a microscope. Viruses are smaller than bacteria, so they can be observed by electro microscopes. Actually, they do not have similarities except being tiny. If we check the biotopes we will see that viruses live in genomes, oceans, or high-pressure places. Bacteria live everywhere and they can relocate to far destinations by water droplets.

Bacteria are alive and they reproduce by segmentation (mitosis). They can reproduce by sporification, as well. They get their food from outside or some bacteria which photosynthesise to produce thier own food. They affect people in good or bad ways. Some bacteriums, such as E. coli, are very beneficial and important for people. E. coli lives in our guts and produces K vitamine but some bacteria are very dangerous. They can make us sick, even they can kill us by causing diseases. Viruses make people sick and dead, as well.

Viruses are quite different from bacteria. They are a bit smaller than bacteria and they need live cells to reproduce themselves. They put their RNA into the live cell and in time new viruses grow up inside the cell and the cell dies. They do not feed and they are all dangerous for all living beings. None of them is beneficial.

As a result, there are many tiny creatures that we cannot see around us. They are a around us as a part of our lives in good or bad ways and regenerating themselves in different ways. If they did not exist, our lives would be more difficult for sure.

P.S.: Paragraphs are taken and published with the permission of my students.
Not: Paragraflar öğrencilerimin izniyle alınıp yayınlanmaktadır.

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