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Introduction to Plagiarism Checker

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is the best free anti-plagiarism checker that is available online today. Made with proper research on what the customers are looking for in a free plagiarism detection system, we have implemented all the strategies and tools required to make this the best anti-plagiarism checker for everyone.

We understand that students use plagiarism checkers to check for plagiarism in their papers, essays, and reports before submission. Hence, the Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker has specifically designed a system to help the students go through their reports. Same goes for teachers, this tool is very helpful if they want to check uniqueness of the work submitted to them. This free plagiarism checker for students and teachers is really the best choice if you are checking for plagiarism in essays and papers.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism, also given the name of “best plagiarism checker for students” and “the best free college plagiarism checker” by many, has earned its title over the years after consistently serving so many users across the globe.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is also a very useful for bloggers and freelance content writers to check if their articles are free of plagiarism before uploading onto the site. We don’t want your content to come out plagiarized and get you in trouble for that.

If you are a website owner or a SEO expert, you will also benefit from this tool as it will help you ensure that all your website content are unique and clean. This way, you will rank high in search engines and it also will prevent you from getting penalized due to plagiarism.

Use our tool now and you will know that it is rightfully the best free anti-plagiarism checker ever!

How the Plagiarism Checker tool works?

It is very simple!

Just paste your content on the space provided above and then click on “Check for Plagiarism” tab. That’s all you need to do! Search Engine Report Plagiarism will run your content through its database of millions of website to give you the best Plagiarism checker report that you require. Alternatively, you can upload the file that you need to check. We will run through every word and every sentence in your content to give you an accurate and reliable results for your - essay, article or whatever content that you need to scan.

Moreover, Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker does not save any content searched through the tool. Our plagiarism checker offers free plagiarism detection for everyone from anywhere in the world. Another good news is that - you don’t have to pay a dime or get rerouted to a bogus website just to see the results. Our anti-plagiarism checker is genuine and works best with your content. So give it a try NOW!

Understanding the results:

The results that you will see after using the Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker will have red or green highlights in them. Green indicates that your content for that specific part is plagiarism free. While, the red signal indicates that the content has already been published on the internet, so you need to change that.
Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker will also provide you the links of the websites where it was taken from, so feel free to go and have a look on the items there and revise your work to make it original.
Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker is no doubt the best anti-plagiarism checker on the internet today and it’s totally free! So why wait? Just go ahead and it try NOW!

What can I use it for?

  • Website content
  • For the owner of a website, it is important to have content that is plagiarism free.

    With the help of, you can check the originality of the content that you are going to use on your site.

    It will prevent any legal issues from arising, and increase your credibility as a business or website owner.

  • Assignments, essays, theses or any other academic work
  • If you are a professional or a student, you can also benefit from this free college plagiarism checker. In academic writing, it is more important than ever to provide original work.

    Duplicate or plagiarized content can result in your work being discredited. You could be expelled from the institution, or even face criminal charges.

    Besides all of the above, the reputational risk simply isn’t worth it.

  • Written Text to be published
  • Any form of text designed to be published should first be scanned for plagiarism. An article, paper or book with plagiarized work will be widely discredited, with the author possibly fined. Avoid a potential nightmare with one quick check at

What do I do if picks up matches for duplicate content?

Sometimes when using the free plagiarism checker for students, you may get one or more matches for duplicate content elsewhere on the web.

In most instances, you will need to rewrite papers to remove plagiarism.

If you are struggling to come up with ways to change your wording, below is a link to a free word changer for essays. It will help you rewrite a paper for free.

Be sure to go through your text thoroughly before submitting the finished product.

How do I use is a plagiarism checker which is free online.

If you only need to do a quick, one-off check, simply paste your text in the specified text box which is located at the top of the page. It will give you immediate results with no registration necessary.

To use more frequently, register here [LINK] to create a free account.

Registered users enjoy up to 50 free plagiarism searches a day on, whereas guest users can only do one per day.

You will not have to pay anything, and is free to use for as long as you require.

What Makes Plagiarism Wrong?

Most people know that plagiarism is unethical, and this is usually enough to prevent us from doing it. There are several techniques to avoid plagiarism, but for those who do it anyway, the results can be severe.

Students based in school or college could have their assignment failed, or be suspended or expelled from the college.

Professionals who plagiarize most frequently lose their jobs as well as their professional reputation. They often struggle to find work elsewhere.

Regardless of whether you are a student or teacher, business manager or website owner, you can benefit from this tool to avoid plagiarism in your daily life. Professionals use in a high number of different industries, from publishing to marketing, and everything in between.

Your content needs to be fresh and original to achieve online success. Search engines can pick up duplicate content, and you may face a penalty for it.

Furthermore, to rank highly on Google and other popular search engines, content needs to be unique.

Use to stay one step ahead!

Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

Since is the best way to avoid plagiarism, it is a resource trusted by students all over the world.

You may plagiarize without even knowing it! It is common to read something and to forget where you saw the information.

Failure to credit sources in your work can have serious consequences, and they are not worth the risk. provides ultimate peace of mind, as it may even pick up references that you were not aware of yourself.

So how can students avoid plagiarism? Use, of course!

A good plagiarism checker such as can remove even the slightest hints of possible plagiarism. In light of this, it is an invaluable resource for your varying needs.

Why Should I Use is a quick and efficient way to check your content for any signs may that indicate plagiarism.

Anyone who takes their academic or work related content seriously will be aware of the implications of plagiarism and will take great lengths to avoid it. is available to use for personal as well as commercial content. Don’t risk being accused of wrongdoing when a simple check on will keep your work clean and plagiarism free.

  • Ensure Originality of Your Content
  • Regardless of the work you do, any written content requires an audience to read it. To attract potential readers, your content needs to be high-quality, readable and unique. Why would anyone want to read something that has already been done?

    Duplicate content puts your website at risk of penalties and fines, reputational risk and losses to your traffic. Use to ensure your content is original.

    There are some chances that some user may copy text from the site you own. Plagiarism checker allows you to keep your content anti-plagiarism and verify if it is also available somewhere else on the Web or not. Using a quality plagiarism checker or plagiarism detector enables you to verify the originality of content, whether it’s an essay, poem or an article, it will conduct a check and let you know if the content is original or not. This is the situation that is common for educators, professors, teachers, editors, and writers on a daily basis.

  • Become Aware of Misuse of Your Content
  • If you have created a piece of content, you may want to check how it is being used online. will allow you to find cases of possible misuse of your content. It will empower you to take action to restore the integrity of your work.

    A quick scan on will return any results of content matches online, together with the sources where it is found. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent others misusing your content, but if you are aware of such instances, then you will be in a position to manage it.

  • Deter Users from Plagiarizing:
  • For users to prevent plagiarism, they first need to be aware of the use and consequences of plagiarism. Knowing the consequences will reduce the likelihood of deliberate attempts to copy others’ work.

    Educating learners creates a culture of celebrating original and individual work. Being aware that their work will be scanned on will encourage them not to plagiarize. Teaching them strategies to avoid plagiarism, and having the teacher explain how to avoid plagiarism will bode learners well for their futures. Hence, prevention is better than cure, and it can be stopped before it even starts.

    It is our responsibility to create a new generation of adults and future leaders that are conscious not only of their work but the work of others as well. How to Check for Plagiarism is free and available 24/7, ready and waiting whenever you need it. This tool to avoid plagiarism becomes a personal assistant to you, meaning that you no longer may require hiring an assistant to check the originality of your content.

Because it is online, it is available wherever you go and can be used on any of your devices. is there with you in every part of the world.

Use in one of these two ways:

  • Paste your text into the search box, with a maximum of 1000 words per search
  • Upload your Docx or Text file using the browse button

As your request is sent for processing, your results will display in a matter of seconds.

Should there be no matches found, a message will display showing “No Plagiarism Detected!”

In the case where there are duplicate matches found, will show the relevant text as well as the source that it originates from.

It is as easy as that.

So, if you ever need to do a quick plagiarism check or are looking for free plagiarism software online, is the place to go!

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