Real Estate Market Analysis A Case Study Approach

Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2013 (Revised July 2017)

Angus Cartwright IV

Kenneth J. Hatten, William J. Poorvu, Howard H. Stevenson, Arthur I Segel and John H. Vogel, Jr.

Judy and John DeRight, looking to diversify their investment portfolios, have retained Angus Cartwright, Jr. to identify prospective real estate acquisitions. Mr. Cartwright has four potential properties that he feels merit an in-depth financial analysis. The case provides an opportunity to examine the various components of real estate return—cash flow, tax benefits, and futures—and measure the profitability of a proposed investment through the calculation of net present value, internal rate of return, and capitalization rate.

Keywords: Acquisition; Cash Flow; Investment Return; Investment Portfolio; Taxation; Balanced Scorecard; Valuation;


Hatten, Kenneth J., William J. Poorvu, Howard H. Stevenson, Arthur I Segel, and John H. Vogel, Jr. "Angus Cartwright IV." Harvard Business School Case 813-185, June 2013. (Revised July 2017.)  View Details


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Author Biography

Deborah L. Brett is a real estate and planning consultant for a wide range of public and private organizations, providing project-related market analysis. She lives in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Adrienne Schmitz is a director at the Urban Land Institute, the world's leading real estate and land-use education and research institute. She lives in Washington DC.

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