Ent530 Assignment

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Reading assignments in your textbook are denoted as:  Norris et al.  Chapter XX.

Jan. 18. --     Norris et al. Chapter 1.  pp. 1 -14

                    Definitions of Integrated Pest Management.

Ehler, L. E. and D. G. Bottrell.  2000. The Illusion of Integrated Pest Management.  Issues in Sci. Technol.  Online.

Jan. 20. --     Norris et al. Chapter 3:  Historical Development of Pest Management

Timeline of Significant Events in IPM History

Jan. 23 --    Response to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

Jan. 25 --   Balancing risks on the backs of the poor (Is a world-wide DDT ban a good idea?)

                   Norris et al.  Chapter 2: Pests and their Impacts.

Jan. 27 --   Norris et al.  Chapter 5:  Comparative Biology of Pests.  pp. 90 - 127

Feb. 03 --  Norris et al. Chapter 4:  Ecosystems and Pest Organisms.  pp. 66 - 89

                    Degree Day Explanation from UC Davis -- Read DD Concepts & DD Calculation Methods
                    More info on DD's -- How DD's are explained to farmers
                   "Growing Degree Days" are a subset of more general DD's and are mostly used for crops...
                    ... but they are sometimes used for pests as well.

Feb. 08 -- Norris et al., Chapters 6 & 7.  pp. 128 - 171

Feb. 10 -- Pesticides and Biodiversity

                  Weed - Insect Interactions -- Insects attacking weeds lead to poor herbicide effectiveness

Feb. 15 --  Farmscaping -- altering crop system ecology to improve pest management.  Follow the symbols at the bottom of each page.

                    A Whole Farm Approach to Managing Pests.  -- Specific examples of the application of ecological principles to IPM.  Read all of the sidebars under "Table of Contents".

------------------First Exam Covers Everything Through This Point  ------------------

                     Norris et al., Chapter 8 -- Pest Management Decisions pp 172  - 207

Feb. 17 -- Read this article by L. Pedigo on economic thresholds: http://ipmworld.umn.edu/chapters/pedigo.htm

Feb. 22 -- Scouting blue books:  Bring your them with you to class on Wednesday, Feb, 22.  Before then, look through them & be able to locate the insect, weed, and pathogen monitoring sections of each book.

Over the next few weeks (i.e. by the next exam), be able to (1) describe at least one monitoring method for each pest group in each cropping system, (2) compare two sampling methods from different crops, for the same pest group (e.g. insects) and in the same generic category (absolute, relative, qualitative).

Feb. 27    Norris et al. Chapter 9 -- Introduction to Strategies and Tactics for IPM. pp. 209 - 213

                Norris et al.  Chapter 16 -- Cultural Management of Pests.  pp. 413 - 442

Mar. 1 -- Norris et al.  Chapter 13 -- Biological Control. pp. 337 - 372.

You should, by now, have already read Norris et al. Chapters 11, 12, 17, & 14

Apr. 2 -- Debate over genetically modified crops

                Background on Bt

                Norris et al. Chapter 15 -- Physical and Mechanical Tactics. pp. 389 - 412

Apr. 5 -- Managing BT resistance

Apr. 7 -- Screwworm control via SIR

Apr. 10 -- Norris et al.  Chapter 10 -- Pest Invasions and Legislative Prevention.  pp. 214 - 241

Apr. 12 -- Norris et al.  Chapter 19 -- Societal and Environmental Limitations to IPM Tactics.  pp. 501 - 513


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