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5 Things To Remember When Writing A Scholarship Essay

Scholarships are prestigious and they go a long way in assisting students in their career and achieving their academic goals. While the scholarship amount varies from college to college, the process of getting a scholarship pretty much remains the same across institutions. A candidate should have a good GPA, excellent entrance scores and remarkable recommendations to be considered for a scholarship. However, these are only the prerequisites; when it comes to awarding scholarships, a major emphasis is given to scholarship essays. An impressive essay along with a good academic profile indeed makes a good case for a scholarship.

Tips for writing a winning scholarship essay

While the competition to get a scholarship is fierce, there are good chances that you can make it if you follow a few simple steps. The team at Sarobal has many years of experience in offering best essay writing services to students. Here we have put together 5 things to remember when writing a scholarship essay:

1. Analyze the topic

The topics given for writing scholarship essays are mostly straightforward and easy to handle. However, a better understanding of the topic will only help your case. There are three approaches to doing this. The first one is a keyword analysis method where you search for important words in the topic and try to gaze which area needs to be stressed at. The second is a method called the viewpoint of the affected parties, which helps you to think from the opposite side. For instance, if your topic is 'community violence in schools', the affected party approach will help you to think about the victims at large. The third approach is known as the 4W1H method where 4W1H stands for who, where, when and how. Asking questions with these words will help you to dig deeper into the essay topic and subsequently come up with plausible answers.

2. Use relevant examples

In addition to offering monetary assistance to students, scholarship essays are aimed at creating leaders of tomorrow. It goes without saying that you have to cite a lot of real life instances that portrays you as a leader. It is also very important to be specific while citing instances. Just mentioning that you have led your high school football team may not be a very good example of leadership. Instead, you need to mention what was your role, how your team thrived under your leadership, what were the challenges faced while executing the task and what were your learning's from it.

3. Give a glimpse into the future

Most scholarship reviewers are interested in knowing about your future plans. It is in your best interests to dedicate separate paragraph for indicating your future plans and how this scholarship will help you get there. For instance, if you are applying for a course in copywriting or creative writing, you need tomention how a copywriting course will help you realize your dream of becoming an advertisement writer and how the field of advertisement has fascinated you over the years.

4. Mention the essentials

The scholarship committee would like to know which school you are choosing and what your reasons for doing so are. If you are applying for a particular college scholarship, you need to explain why you are a good fit and how you can adapt to the new condition. This is a section where you justify and emphasize your skills such as group work, listening skills, ability to work under tight deadlines as well as your ability to work independently. As a scholarship candidate, you should be able to demonstrate all lateral skills to make the committee understand that you can walk along with your team members at all times.

5. Revise and have a relook at your essay

It is important to have a second and third look at your essay after you have finished writing your piece. It is unwise to make claims which you cannot prove, so check if you have substantiated your claims. Highlight your achievements without sounding pompous, but do mention your limitations as well. Every scholarship essay will require you to stick to a certain number of words, make sure you adhere to it. Apart from the general revision, make sure you do not commit any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. Your writing should be crisp and very precise.

When it comes to scholarship essays, the writers at Sarobal know the tricks of the trade. The best essay writing services offered by Sarobal are sure to assist you in every step, from planning and writing to editing and proofreading.

Dear all! We are extremely excited to announce our first scholarship contest for students, which will be held on an annual basis. We give you an awarded chance to show your writing skills instead of our writers.

The team will start the essay writing contest on the 1st of October 2017 and the deadline for submissions will be the1st of December 2017. You are welcome to read the conditions attentively and send your applications to us!

What Prizes Will You Claim?

Let’s start with the most pleasant part. Winners of our scholarship contest will earn money prizes:

1st prize – $500
2nd prize – $350
3rd prize – $150

An important note to consider: The payments will be submitted only by PayPal’s payment system. Make sure that you have a PayPal account so that you won’t waste time meant for writing. We reserve the right to use the papers of other participants in our aims.

Who Can Be a Participant?

Only students of high school, college, or university who are currently studying will be allowed to entry into the contest. Gender, race, age, and nationality don’t matter. No entrance fees are required!

How to Participate?

If you are willing to participate in our contest, you should complete these three simple but obligatory steps:

Step 1: Like our Facebook page and post, or follow us on Twitter, if for some reason you haven’t done it yet:)
Step 2: Create an awesome essay and send it to with the letter subject “EssayShark Scholarship Essay Contest.”

What Should You Include in Your Letter?

When you are sending a letter to us, make sure that you specify the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Email
  • The name of your educational affiliation
  • The name of your department
  • The year of study
  • Phone number
  • The essay topic you have chosen

All of this data must be mentioned in your letter. Unfortunately, you won’t become a participant if any of the items listed above are missing.

Please, don’t worry whether we received your application. After receiving your letter, we’ll let you know.

What Essays Do We Expect From You?

  • Essays with no grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Essays with no plagiarism.
  • Essays in English only.
  • Essays 2-3 academic pages long (no more than 550-800 words). Exceeding the word limit won’t give you any additional chances to win the prize.
  • Essays with strong argumentation supported with facts and well-defined idea.
  • Essays on one of the presented topics.

Suggested Topics for Your Essay

We ask you to write a narrative essay on one of the given topics:

– The Country of My Dream
– Why Was Your Favorite Vacation So Memorable?
– The Most Important Decision of My Life
– The Turning Point of My Life
– If I Could Go Back in Time or History

Who Will Be in the Admission Committee?

As you know, our essay writing service deals with expert authors who have vast experience in academic writing. Who else can judge essays better than them? Our writers will examine all works thoroughly and choose the winner criteria, such as:

  1. Sticking to the requirements mentioned above.
  2. Focus on particular details which are important in covering the topic and avoidance of irrelevant information (and adherence to the word limit).
  3. Connection of ideas and essay coherence.
  4. Interesting manner of writing based on personal experience.

The admission committee won’t be aware of personal information of the participants, so the judging will be unbiased.

Special Cautions

*We reserve the right to withhold information on the results of our contest.
*Your letter shouldn’t contain any information besides the points listed above. Our experts will check your writing skills in the essays.

The results of the contest will be sent via email to the participants and published on our blog on the 20th of December, 2017. Dare to take part in our scholarship essay writing contest – don’t hide your talent!

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