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Teaching at BMC Schools

Every Year, approximately 10,000 students appear for the State Board Examination from BMC schools in Mumbai alone. The results in the past have shown that only around 20-30% of these pass their Board exams. With a vision to achieve 100% results in BMC schools at the Std. 10 Board Exams, MT Educare along with GET has been conducting Free Grade Improvement classes for students of Std 10th.

During the academic year 2012-13, 8069 students were coached in Mathematics, Science and English. The results were great. 10 students (7 of Marathi medium and 3 of Urdu medium) scored more than 90% marks in the SSC Board examination, which was a record in itself. The overall passing percentage was 66.75%.

These numbers were improved further in the year 2013-14, where around 8906 students were being trained by our expert faculties across 132 BMC schools for grade improvement. The results were outstanding. 24 students scored 90% & above marks in the SSC board examination and the pass percentage increased to 71%.

In the academic year 2014-15, with support from Tata Motors Limited, GET started coaching students in Std IX itself, in order to train them intensively and help them maximise their performance in the SSC Board exams. This took the tally of students being coached in BMC schools to 23,224-a huge jump from the previous year!

In the academic year 2014-15, MT Educare coached students from 140 BMC Schools from 4 mediums-English, Semi English, Hindi and Urdu. Of the 9239 students that appeared for the exam, 75% passed the examination with 24 students scoring 90% marks and above. The topper from the BMC schools scored a whopping 94.25%.

In the academic year 2015-16, MT Educare conducted virtual lectures for Std. 10th and Regular Lectures for students of Std. 9th & 10th. Monthly Tests were conducted for exam practice. Motivational Lectures were organized by Tata Motors Limited in some schools too. The efforts showed great improvement in results and the passing percentage increased to 78.88%. 30 students scored 90% and above. The BMC school topper from English Medium scored 94.40%.

In the academic year 2016-17, MT Educare coached students from BMC Schools (English, Marathi, Hindi and Urdu Mediums). The passing percentage was 72.69%. 7,972 students scored passing marks. 29 students scored 90% and above. The BMC school topper, from Marathi Medium, scored 93.20%.

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Exams Covered

  • Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • Indian National Mathematical Olympiad
  • International Mathematical Olympiad

About Mathematical Olympiads Programme 2017-2018

A pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad (PRMO) exam will be held on August 20, 2017 at different centres all over India. In order to be eligible for the RMO it is mandatory that students qualify through this centrally administered PRMO. No other independently administered examinations will be recognized from this year onwards.

Eligibility: All Indian students who are born on or after August 1, 1998 and, in addition, are in Class XI or below are eligible to appear for the PRMO 2017.

The PRMO will be a machine-correctable test of 30 questions. Each question has an answer which is a number with one or two digits. Sample questions will be put up on this site for the aid of students.

The pre-RMO exam will be organized this year by IAPT (the Indian Association of Physics Teachers), the same association that also organizes the National Standards Examination, which is the first step for participation in the International Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science olympiads. The website for PRMO will shortly be available at

Students can register online by choosing one of the approved centres by June 30th for a fee of Rs. 200. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has made its schools available as centres free of cost; for KV students there is a provision to register with payment of a fee of Rs. 100.

A carbon copy of the answersheet (OMR) will be given to the student after the exam; students can check their answers as against the answers which will be uploaded on the HBCSE website.

The top 300 students from each region will be eligible to write the Regional Mathematics Olympiad exam. For the KV, CBSE, JNV schools which have a countrywide coverage, the number to be selected is upto 5 per cent of the number of registrations or 300.

Each regional co-ordinator (including the co-ordinators for the groups KV, CBSE and JNV) will receive the list of students eligible to write RMO by September 15th. Each Regional Co-ordinator shall conduct the RMO in her/his region on October 8th, 2017.

Based on the RMO exam, the final list of 30 top students plus the next 5 girl students will be sent by each regional co-ordinator to HBCSE by November 30. This should be done after completing re-evaluation (provision for which is mandatory).

HBCSE will announce the INMO list from all regions by December 7th.

The INMO exam will be held on the 3rd Sunday of January and will be conducted by each regional co-ordinator and the papers sent to HBCSE.

The regional co-ordinators will be sent brochures/posters and will be requested to advertise the information on their webpages or homepages. As there are major changes, students will be unaware of these and the support of Regional co-ordinators in this regard is crucial.

This is a preliminary announcement and more details will be announced and communicated to all regional co-ordinators in the next few days. Regional co-ordinators are requested to circulate the announcement and the weblink widely.

A webpage will be opened shortly in HBCSE to address queries. Queries may be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Queries will not be replied to individually, but via a FAQ posted on the website.

Objective of the Lakshya Mathematical Olympiad Programme

  • To identify talent and promote excellence in Mathematics
  • To train a student in Problem solving at Mathematical Olympiad level which prepares them for perseverance required to use problem solving in all walks of life
  • To create a foundation for IIT test prep as problem solving is quite similar to Olympiad problem solving

Benefits of the Programme

  • Better Conceptual clarity in Mathematics
  • Boosts critical thought process and reasoning ability
  • Sharpens logical and analytical thinking
  • Helps in choosing the right subject stream
  • Makes the students competitive exam-ready for JEE, Medical entrance, etc.
  • Improves time management

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