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The Origins of the Cuba Revolution Reconsidered

The focal point of this paper is to present a critical appraisal of the scholarly contribution of Farber’s book, `The Origins of the Cuba Revolution Reconsidered’. Purpose of this review is to evaluate the contribution to historical knowledge that the book makes. Additionally, the review would convey the readers what ongoing scholarly debates and issues,… View Article

Dreaming in Cuban

Throughout the years, Cuba is known to be a Communist country struggling to determine its own identity. Some Cubans have fought with the decision to stay in their native country or migrate to the United States. Others have decided to settle in Cuba and let their fate be determined by the gods. Santeria, an African… View Article

Economic sanctions against Cuba

The US economic embargo against Cuba dates back to1962 during a revolution than led to Fidel Castro occupying the top seat as the President of Cuba. The embargos comprised both economic and commercial sanctions as well as financial support. These embargos were put in place when Fidel Castro nationalized all the enterprises that were owned… View Article

U.S. counterinsurgency operations in Cuba and the Philippines

In January 2002, The United States Special Operation Commands, Pacific (SOCPAC) took on an arduous task of assisting the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with a specific mission for ousting the terrorists forces of Al Qaida, Jemaah Islamiyah and the Abu Sayyaf Group(ASG) and to carry the humanitarian operations in the islands of Basilan… View Article

Cuba and China

Democracy, or the power of people, is rather old form of rule. While the word “democracy” originated in the Ancient Greece in 5th century BC, this form of rule had existed even before this, found in ancient India republics before 6th century BC. However, it was the city-state of Athens in the Ancient Greece that… View Article

Strategy Process

1. Which strategic decision making model is reflected in the Cuban missile crisis, the rational model, the political model, or the garbage can model? Before we can explain which decision making was used in the Cuban missile crisis we first need to explain and understand what the different models are, therefore we explain in appendix… View Article

Reasons for Abolishing the Trade Embargo with Cuba

Cuban and U.S. relations have been on the rocks for the last 50 odd years. What follows is some background information on what has caused the rift between the two countries. It is a brief history of the American backed Batista that allowed U.S. interests to flourish in Cuba, juxtaposed against the rebel leader Castro… View Article

Cuban Revolution

The effects of the Cuban Revolution on women’s lives and gender relations in Cuba from 1959 to 1990 include that some say women have not reached equality yet with men, women gained more opportunities for themselves, economy and politics, and also how women still had responsibility for children and home, not men. One effect of… View Article

United States as expansionist country

The United States has been an expansionist country since the pilgrims landed. Until the US established them selves as a definite world power, they had shown themselves to be a very expansionist country. The imperialism of the 1900s may have departed from past actions in terms of size and ambition, but the fundamental reasons and… View Article

Music of Cuba and Puerto Rico: A Comparison and Contrast

Music is an important aspect of both the Cuban and Puerto Rican cultures because music forms part of everyday life. To the people in these countries, music is a way of expressing unity and belongingness. The European explorers, particularly the Spanish, who came to Cuba and Puerto Rico (Thompson, 1991) enriched music in both countries…. View Article

Cuban Revolution

The most transformative event for Latin America would have to be the Cuban Revolution. It all began when when Sergeant Fulgencio Batista seized power during a election. Batista had been president from 1940-1944 and ran for president in 1952. When it became apparent that he would lose, he took power before the elections and cancelled… View Article

Alberto Korda

The history of Spanish culture and their historic events have been captured through art for centuries. Photography is one form of art that has documented and symbolized historic events that are still used today as historical documents. A Cuban photographer, Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, also known as Alberto Korda, famously documented the events of the Cuban… View Article

Forces Leading to Revolution in Cuba

Background Cuba was discovered by Europeans in 1492. From 1511 it was a colony of spain and became a base from which Spanish exploration and colonisation took place. Numbers of indigenious Cubans dropped dramatically as a reuslt of European desieases and harsh Spanish rule. Those who remained were converted to Catholicism by missionaries. Cuba became… View Article

Report on Cross Cultural Management of Cuba

4 Analysis of Silk Trade in Cuba To a great extent, the silk trade can be influenced by the culture. Before entering into the Cuban market, the company needs to understand the culture and take into account the local market situation. Cross cultural management models can be used to analyze the cultural characteristics in Cuba,… View Article

The Cuban Revolution

“Analyse the impact of the Cuban Revolution on both Cuban society and the wider Latin American world” The Cuban Revolution of 1959 has profoundly shaken the economic, social and political foundations of Cuba itself, however its impact on Latin America was not as predominant. The inauguration of Fidel Castro over Fulgencio Batista was the beginning… View Article


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The Cuban Culture Essays and Research Papers

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    : Cuban Business Culture 1 Cuban Business Culture Cynthia Barker Ameritech College Cuban Business Culture 2 Cuban Culture...
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    A) Cuban-Americans Educational and Career Values B) Understanding the Cuban Culture C) Information regarding diversity with Cuban Americans...
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  • Italian And Cuban Americans
    and the pope who is anointed by God. Santeria was brought into the Cuban culture by the Africans that were transported as slaves to Cuba by the Spaniards. Santeria...
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  • Different Cultures In America
    but they have found good evidence stating that the Hispanic and the Cuban cultures originated from the Mayan tribes. The south eastern part of America is...
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  • Cuba History And Culture
    The flow of emigrants declined in the late 1970s, but beginning in April 1980, Cubans were allowed to depart from Mariel harbor; by the end of September, when the...
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  • Moral Tradition: Why It Is So Important To Integrate Cultural Tradition Into a Business
    the culture of the people. In Nilo Cruzs Anna in the Tropics we see a battle between Santiago and Cheche. Santiago aims to preserve the values of Cuban culture...
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  • Waiting For The Man - Identity In Dreaming In Cuban
    Pilar does not identify hersef as an American despite her qualms about the Cuban cultures acceptance of male infidelity. Pilar fantasizes about a better life in Cuba...
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  • Cuban People Should Be Allowed To Travel Abroad
    painful to see kids from other parts of the world visit and learn about their Cuban culture, landscapes, and customs, knowing well that he would never have the same...
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  • Cuban Imperialization
    because some citizens compared the Cubans struggle to the American Revolution. This is when American culture started to mix with Cuban culture. As people read about...
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  • Culture And Customs
    learn, respect, and follow the Cuban culture in all social interactions. To have a successful encounter with the Cuban culture one must: * Establish a complete...
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  • Cultural Immersion Part 2 Winston c
    have interacted with many Cubans previously, you cannot do the Cuban culture for your immersion project. This also applies to your cultural background. For example...
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  • Towards a Spanish Speaking Caribbean
    the other hand, in Nestor Garcia-Canclinis Hybrid cultures (Parker, 1996) and Homi Bhabhas The location of culture (1994), hybridity is the effects of mixture upon...
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  • Bharata Natyam Versus Yoruba Dance
    is an attempt to make a god with ones body and to create Rasa. Both cultures use the body as a sight of beauty, art, expression, and spirituality. The dance...
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  • Identity
    a part of our culture. The Cuban culture partakes a different role in me. I do feel pressure to improve my Spanish because in our culture we often have these...
    Words: 786 — Pages: 4
  • National Identity
    of black culture and Latin American culture (Forum for Modern Language Studies Vol. 40 Issue 4, pg: 394). Afrocubanism is a term often used to describe Cuban culture...
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  • a Modernist Reading Of The Old Man And The Sea
    many previous studies have pointed out its profound themes and cultural implications. Starting from a different perspective, this research is based on...
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  • Wilfredo Lam
    that motivated Lam to further discover deeper understanding of his own Afro-Cuban culture. In 1942 he returned to Cuba, with a newly refined style he created...
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  • Wifredo Lam
    process that Lam was living in la Habana he get more attach to his afro-Cuban culture and traditions; Lam mark his work with La Jungla in 1943, with a unique style...
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  • Homosexuality In Cuba
    masculinity and the machismo culture were in Cuba. The revolutionand Fidelseem unable to move beyond the need for 'macho control' of Cuban citizens. The idea of...
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  • The Old Man And The Sea
    what he called the "historical necessity" of the Castro revolution. Cuban Culture Cuban culture during the first half of the twentieth century was marked perhaps...
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  • Latin American Music
    a key symbol of Afro-Cuban culture and identity while also heavily influencing other musicians and music genres. It provided Havanas Afro-Cuban lower classes with...
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  • Whatever
    com/George-Rodez-gallery.html "Cuban Tradition." 2006-2007 Web.27 Jun 2009. "Cuban Culture." 2007 Web.26 Jun 2009...
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  • Nursing
    known for its cultural diversity, built from Spanish, African, Chinese, North American, and others cultures influences (Cuban Culture, 2013). Cuban culture is rich...
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  • Cuba 15
    like the American boys and not embrace his Cuban culture. So, growing up, he didnt  listen to Cuban music or take part in Cuban traditions, but when he got older, he...
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  • Fantasy Literature And Fantastic Language
    Floating on Mamas Song is a story rich in the Hispanic, specifically Cuban, culture. The story is in picture book form and provides brilliantly colored illustrations...
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  • Jazz And Today's World
    for mixing the native Cuban music with jazz and this interested combination make me be proud of the Cuban culture. Every time people talk about Cuban music comes to...
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  • How To Read Literature Like a Professor By Thomas c. Foster
    like his financial salvation. Bargains with the devil go back a long way in Western culture. In all the versions of the Faust legend, which is the dominant form of...
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  • Cultural Thing
    On the other hand you have someone whose culture has a very positive outlook on baseball; take for example an average Cuban player. He may go outside every day and...
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  • Cultural Differences In American Immigrants
    paper will focus specifically on the culture similarities and differences of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central and South Americans...
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  • Cuban Ideology
    a professor of Political Culture at Cuba's IPVCE - Instituto ... founding generation of the revolution. Young Cubans are not Interested in making more sacrifices...
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