Observation Essay On A 5 Year Old

From the ages of 2-6, children spend most of the walking hours, discovering, creating, laughing, and imaging, as they acquire the skills they need. They chase each other and attempt new challenges, they play with sounds, words, and ideas, and they invent games and dramatize fantasies. During this age period: they develop their body, their mind and they learn social skills and morals. Age 2 to 6 is known as early childhood, or even preschool years. These years seem dreaming and magical to kids of their age group. My reason for choosing this particular age is because early childhood is a period of extraordinary growth, learning and playing. Joyful not only for young children but also for anyone who knows them. During this age, a time for impressive growth in every domain occur. I believe this age they can teach us how to play and have fun once again. Another reason, why I pick this age, because they are so full of energy and always make people keep a smile on their face, and also keep us laughing.Physically, the child is 34 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds. Her body type would be classified as that of an ectomorph, according to Sheldon's three main types of physique. This type of physique is that of predominant linearity and fragility. She appears tall and lean-looking (Earle, Rogers, & Wall, 1982, p. 93). Her posture is fairly erect, although occasionally she somewhat stoops over with her arms around her mid-section, as if to hug herself protectively.

Her energy level is average. She does not tire easily and seems to play and work at a steady pace. She does not have any particular limitations, although she is fitted for eyeglasses and has worn them for one year. The child's general health is good, according to the teachers and her mother, and she is very attractive--fair-skinned with long, fluffy blond hair. Her eyes are bright, and her skin is of good tone and color. She is able to completely dress herself including boots, jacket, and


The Observation of a 5 Year Old Boy

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Play Observation Checklist
Observer:_______________ Play Setting:_______________________ Date:_____________
Approximate Child Age:___ Child Gender: M F Hand Preference: L R
Initiation of Play Observed Yes No Comments / Questions Behavior
Child quickly engages in play
Child requires help in getting started Child needs encouragement
Child directs his/her own play
Child shows initiative or curiosity Child appears impulsive
Child initiates but appears unable to stay with task
Energy Expanded in Play Observed Yes No Comments / Questions Behavior
Child works at an even pace
Child pursues activites to the point of tiring out
Child gains…show more content…

o Strengthen and enhance each child’s individual qualities. o Facilitate the development and enhancement of social relationships. o Provide opportunities for child-initiated activities. o Encourage children to explore, experiment, and question their environment. o Provide activities that strengthen physical development. o Plan activities that strengthen cognitive development o Ensure opportunities for children to interact with one another and adults on an informal basis. o Provide activities which promote the development of vocabulary and the enhancement of language skills.


Classroom Observation Report
Shapes Assessment
Numbers Assessment
Colors Assessment
Letter ID Checklist
Phonological Awareness Assessment
Book and Print Awareness Checklist
Emergent and Early Writing Checklist

Head Start Performance Standards 1304.22(a)(3)
Environmental Health Standards 4-116.20

Play and Development

Observation Report

Report #1 due in class Class 10

For the first observation assignment, you should spend 30 minutes observing a child, or a group of children, no older than 3 years. They should be engaged in play alone, with peers, or with parents.
Choose one of these topics to focus your observation and analysis:
(1) toys
(2) gender differences
Some of you may end up with an observation where you can't think of much to say

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